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The “PELICAN TOURS” registered is a tour, travel and tour consultant and event management company. Pelican Tours intends to enhance tourism in line and in coordination with the government’s initiative and look after the interests of tourists, provide facilities to see the rich history , natural beauty and visit adventure sports spots. We also create a win- win model between the three main steak holders of tourism i.e. tourists, tour operators and most importantly the touring site operators .We provide one window solutions to your needs of tour guide , transportation, accommodation , food, security and event management for national as well as international tourists. In religious tourism we have experts in Hajj/Umrah for Muslims , Ghandhara civilizations trail for Budhists and Sikh religious sites.

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Pelican Tours is a versatile company dedicated to the convenience of tourists,tourism operators and hotels. We not only provide the best services to the tourists but also provide modern facilities to link all segments of tourism i.e. Transportation/ticketing , guidence and hotel bookings. So that tourists can get the best services and hotels at affordable cost. In this regard, we are providing the following services

Customized tours

Pelican Tours offer Customized guided tours including Hajj / Umrah, Budhists and Sikh religious sites and sight seeing / adventure sports and make your moments memorable..

Hotel Managment Software

We offer a smart solutions for hotels to upgrade their management systems including accounts, bookings , reports and improve outreach to clients.

Secutity Services

We offer security to the tourists and required Venues with Human / Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems.We also offer web based / Artifical Intelligence (AI) security solutions .

Solar Services

We offer intelligent and cost effective solar systems to increase efficiency of your existing solar systems and control your electric bills or install new efficent systems.

Religious Tours

If you wish to take any of the following Tours,contact us for visa,ticketing,transportation and hotel bookings etc.

Hajj & Umrah

and other ziyarat in Saudi Arabia

Ghandhara Trail (Budhist)

with security and guided tour

Sikh Religious sites

Kartarpur and other religious spots

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Pakistan Tour Plans

If you wish to enjoy a Customized tour of any place of Pakistan We can arrange. Following are few suggested tours


Height 2,291 m


Height 1,500 m

Hunza Valley

Height 2,438 m


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Ayoub Park, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

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